WAFUKU GEN | NFT with music that evokes a summer sentiment


WAFUKU GEN is a fashion NFT specializing in PFP. Wafuku means a traditional Japanese costume called Kimono and is worn mainly at weddings and festivals.

This is a generative NFT collection of 11,111 pieces, combining girls with kimonos, accessories, backgrounds, and music.

The theme is “Summer Emotionality.” This NFT gives you a sense of how much fun you had playing with friends and enjoying summer festivals during summer vacation in Japan. You can change their kimono for seasonal events.

One of the main features of WAFUKU GEN is that it comes with music.

Shuffle playback is available from the official website, and you can also playback NFTs you own by entering your wallet address.

About founders

Creator WAFUKU

Creator WAFUKU launched a one-of-a-kind NFT collection, Crypto “WAFUKU ” NFT, in October 2021. Crypto “WAFUKU” NFTs are quite expensive; some people cannot afford them even if they want to. They launched “WAFUKU GEN” in August 2022 in the hope that the character will be available to and loved by many people.

Marketer, SOLO

Solo, the co-founder of WAFUKU GEN, is an NFT marketer who desires to promote NFT as a weapon for creators. They have purchased over $30,000 worth of NFT and are a collector who owns works by well-known NFT artists.

SOLO Twitter

Mint DateAug, 2022
Mint Price0.001ETH
Total Number11,111
Official Site