The Mafia Animals(TMA)| High-end NFT collection of Japan’s top creator

What is The Mafia Animals

The Mafia Animals (TMA) is an NFT collection founded by an illustrator, Rii2 (Ritsu). As the name suggests, the theme is “Mafia-looking Animals.”

This design has a cool Italian mafia feel, with portraits of animals dressed as mafia members.

The recent NFT trend is generative art, but TMA is all about original characters full of personality. Completely original NFT art, only one of its kind in the world.

At the time of writing this, 43 characters have been introduced. In the early days, they were sold on a first-come, first-served basis. However, it is now well known as an NFT that cannot be bought even if you want to, because it is sold one by one in auction or offer styles.

Owning a TMA NFT earns you an executive title in the “TMA Family” community.

NameThe Mafia Animals
Mint DateOct 2021-
Mint PriceAuction, Offer
Total Number43-
Official Site

Features of The Mafia Animals(TMA)

1, “The MafiaAnimals Family” community

The Discord community, “The MafiaAnimals Family,” hosts a variety of activities based on the concept of entertaining not only yourself but everyone else as well.

The MafiaAnimals Family:

  • Allows members to exchange information about NFT and crypto currency
  • Has over 4,000 community members
  • Holds physical events
  • Gives members 3D avatar images
  • Allows members to become an agent by completing designated missions and getting Member NFTs
  • Holds a channel where members can discuss not only Web3 but their daily life and hobbies

Community members who do not have The Mafia Animals NFTs are also active in the project, as it is a project with high long-term promise.

2, holder benefits

  • Become an executive member of the TMA family
  • The 1st owner will have the right to name his/her own character
  • Priority access to future TMA developments
  • Access to the executive room of the TMA family in Discord
  • Able to vote on TMA’s policies

3, many TMA holders are social influencers

TME holders are all influencers who are leading the Japanese web3 world. The total number of followers on their social media exceeds 500,000.

4, high rarity

Since the TMA NFT collection was created in October 2021, and as of November 2022, there are only 43 of them. Even when sold, it is not unusual for them to be priced at over $10,000 at auctions. Their originality and positioning as high-end NFTs make them rare.

5, generative NFTs are to be sold

TMA will sell generative NFTs as a sub-collection. Their goal is to expand the TMA worldview and create an NFT collection that attracts a large number of people. Game elements are also likely to be incorporated, which will draw even more attention in the future.

Artist, Rii2

TMA founder Rii2 (@rii2_4)’s background is truly amazing! We are involved with CryptoNinja and CryptoNinja Partners, which are leading NFTs in Japan. He is a freelance illustrator and created NFT. In addition to design, Rii2 also publishes books filled with his knowledge.