Shinsei Galverse | the NFT project in the Web3 community to get animated


What is Shinsei Galverse?

Shinsei Galverse is an NFT collection that looks like 1980s girls anime and manga. The designs are perfect for Sailor Moon lovers.

Shinsei Galverse is a generative NFT that combines backgrounds, faces, bodies, and clothes. A total of 8,888 pieces were released in April 2022 and sold out immediately. It reached a total volume of 1,000 ETH in the first 4 hours of sales and was ranked #1 in the world in the OpenSea 24H ranking.

The name Galverse is derived from “Girl x Metaverse x Universe.” The basic concept is a story about girls who travel around the universe to bring peace to the galaxy. It aims to be the first project to launch a Web 3.0 NFT community-led animation, and the management team and community members will work together to achieve this goal.

The holders become a supporter of the Shinsei Galverse anime project and can discuss anime plans and participate in voting to determine the project’s direction. They will also receive regular airdrops and other benefits.

Who created the Shinsei Galverse?

Shinsei Galverse is a project founded by two Japanese women, Emi Kusano and Ayaka Ohira.

Emi Kusano

Emi Kusano is a singer, artwork creator, lecturer at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, and mother of a boy who created the popular NFT collection “Zombie Zoo Keeper” at the age of 9, which was worth about $30,000 per piece. With full of originality, she aims to create works that express a sense of the future by using the culture of the 70s to the 90s as a motif.

Ayaka Ohira

Ayaka Ohira is an animator and video director whose distinctive style crosses real and animation. She is known for creating music videos and live performances for leading Japanese hip-hop artists.

Why hold Shinsei Galverse NFT?

Shinsei Galverse wants to provide solid value to its holders.

  • Download awesome art assets
  • Create custom social banners, icons, and PFPs
  • Read a holders-only manga 
  • Production of an original soundtrack
  • Collaboration with other NFTs
  • Production of a manga exclusively for the holders
  • Airdrops

The holders can see the cartoon’s production process and check the efforts to make the cartoon close at hand.

Mint DateMay 2022
Mint Price0.07ETH
Total Number8,888
Official Site