Shikibu World | Generative NFT of highly popular characters with over 1 million followers

What is Shikibu World?

The Shikibu World NFT features Shikibu-chan, a beloved Japanese character. It is a female character based on Murasaki Shikibu, the author of The Tale of Genji in the early 11th century.

The character Shikibu-chan has an adorable and unique design and has over 1 million total followers on SNS and YouTube. It has appeared on TV, collaborated with well-known companies, and even appeared in a book.

Shikibu World

Shikibu World is a generative NFT of 10,000 pieces that combine various features in Shikibu-chan. You’ll meet a whole new series of “Shikibu-chan” that you’ve never seen before!

NameShikibu World
Mint Date11 Dec 2022
Mint Price0.001ETH
Total Number10,000
Official Site

What is the reason for holding SHIKIBU WORLD NFT?

Commercial Rights

Shikibu World NFTs are available for commercial use. Holders are free to create and sell their products such as T-shirts, using the characters of the NFT they own. It would be fascinating to do business with a character that is already well-known. It is possible that Shikibu-chan will become a global phenomenon by becoming a NFT in the near future, not just in Japan.

Strong Community, Chara DAO – Characters DAO

In Shikibu World, the community, “Chara DAO,” will build a system that keeps the characters alive even 100 years into the future. Its motto is that NFT is the baton of life for characters. Their goal is to create a globally well-loved character from Chara DAO and to expand the community.

Chara DAO’s Vision

  • Help raise the popularity of NFT
  • Become a safe place for NFT beginners
  • Support web2 creators
  • Support projects that agree with the philosophy of Chara DAO

How to get AL

1, Hold a CBAs or PBAs

By owning CBAs or PBAs in the founder BUSON’s NFT collection, you can get Shikibu World’s AL.

CBAs(Crypto Baby Animals)→4 mints

PBAs(Polygon Baby Animals)→1 mint

2, Apply for Chara DAO campaigns

AL 100 Spots Campaign

  • Application Date: 26 Nov – 27 Nov
  • How to Apply: Google Form
  • Requirements: Holding 3 NFTs from the CharaDAO free mint event.
  • *No matter what number of NFTs you have, the winning rate will not change.

Step1: Minting 2 NFTs for Halloween Campaign. The deadline is November 14(JST).
・Shikibu-chan NFT(ETH)
・BC×CBAs NFT(Polygon)

Step2: Minting the NFT at the Chara DAO Arts Festival on 19 Nov – 20 Nov(JST).

Step3: Apply for the AL Campaign by filling out Google form on 26 Nov – 27 Nov(JST).

*Check the Discord for links to sites where you can mint the NFT.

More details(Japanese):

Shikibu-chan Fanart competition

  • Prize: CBAs or PBAs
  • Term: 3 Nov – 15 Nov
  • Follow account(@BUSON2025,@Character_DAO,@Shikibu_nft)
  • Tweet Shikibu’s fan art with a title and tag(#キャラDAO, #しきぶファンアート)
  • Post your tweet on the Discord Channel(💕しきぶファンアート投稿部屋)

CBAs Fanart Competition

  • Prize: CBAs or PBAs
  • Term: 3 Nov – 3 Dec
  • Follow account(@BUSON2025,@Character_DAO,@Shikibu_nft)
  • Tweet Shikibu’s fan art with a title and tag(#キャラDAO, #CBAsファンアート)
  • Post your tweet on the Discord Channel (🐶🐱cbasファンアート投稿部屋)

About the founder, BUSON

BUSON (@BUSON2025) has created a Shikibu World. He has a unique background as a former firefighter. Having posted an illustration on social networking site that went viral, he became an independent illustrator. He has released an NFT collection called Crypto Baby Animals as well as Shikibu World.

CBAs – Crypto Baby Animals

CBAs is a collection of 999 NFTs featuring 34 different animals. Each of them has a distinctive and endearing character design. It is quite fascinating that they are all handwritten and available for commercial rights.

NameCrypto Baby Animals
Mint DateSep 2021
Mint Price0.001ETH
Total Number999
Official Site