Onigiri Pepes | Japan’s top meme NFT collection

What is Onigiri Pepes?

Onigiri Pepes have suddenly appeared at the top of the Japanese NFT rankings. The design is a peculiar-looking frog.

This NFT collection was created by Japanese creator ONIGIRI (@7cryptocurrency). The original plan was to have a collection of 10,000 pieces, but in the end, they reduced the supply and ended up with a collection of 6,198 pieces. However, despite the lack of utility and roadmap, Onigiri Pepes have become a top-class NFT project in Japan with secondary solid sales.

There are two possible reasons for the crazy sales.

  1. Pepe is a popular Internet meme
  2. Onigiri Pepe’s design is superb

1, Pepe is a popular Internet meme

As many of you know, the frog is not ONIGIRI’s original character but is based on Pepe the Frog – which appeared in a web comic called Boy’s Club.

Pepe the Frog spread on 4chan and became one of the most popular Internet memes. In fact, Pepe is frequently used as a meme symbol in other web3 projects and NFT fan art.

2, Onigiri Pepe’s design is superb

Other artists have released NFT collections of Pepe, but ONIGIRI’s Pepe designs are personally the best. Onigiri Pepes is unusual and captivating.

The incorporation of Japanese elements is one of the unique characteristics of Onigiri Pepes.

ONIGIRI, an artist with big Pepe love

Artist ONIGIRI has a great love for Pepe the Frog. Even before creating the Onigiri Pepes collection, he created artwork about Pepe. In 2017, he sold an NFT featuring Pepe.

He has even created a parody of popular Japanese content in combination with Pepe. Of course, ONIGIRI’s tweets are all about Pepe… you can feel that he really loves Pepe. You will receive airdrops and other benefits by holding one for a long term.

NameOnigiri Pepes
Mint DateJul 2022
Mint Price0.03ETH
Total Number6,198