Neo Tokyo Punks|Generative NFT popular for PFPs

What is Neo Tokyo Punks?

Another notable entry among the best selling NFT collections in Japan would draw the limelight on Neo Tokyo Punks(NTP) , which is the trendiest NFT collection based on the concept of cyberpunk x Tokyo. It is a generative NFT project, launched with the mission to “show the world the quality of Japanese cyberpunk”. Artist NIKO24 was inspired by Divine Anarchy’s designs to create NTP.

When NTP launched, the world’s top collection of AZUKI exploded in popularity. The similarity between AZUKI and NTP’s design helped NTP to quickly become one of Japan’s top NFTs, with 2,222 pieces sold out at the sale in March 2022.

NTP is characterized by its cool gadgets. There are designs for both men and women, and many people buy for their PFP.

The floor price has remained high due to the small supply of 2,222 units and the fact that Japanese celebrities are buying NTP.

NTP’s Vision

1) Neo Tokyo Punks aims to be a driving force in the NFT space by sharing truly authentic cyberpunk art and culture created by Japanese artists and industry-leaders.

2) We intend to proactively collaborate with Japanese creators while leveraging progressive technology to provide content and utility that moves well beyond current Web3 boundaries.

3) NTP holders will experience an immersive story of Tokyo in 2050.

4) This storyline will be a community-led development. The holders make up all the characters.

Neo Tokyo Punks Discord

NTP’s ongoing project

1,Metaverse Construction with The Sandbox

Create an NTP world on Sandbox. Collaborating with Coincheck, a major Japanese cryptol currency exchange, to create an NTP world on Sandbox.

NTP holders will be provided avatars for Sandbox and can meet and play together as one of the NTP characters in the metaverse.

2,Generative story

Generative story is a new approach to creating stories with community members.

Apart from the main storyline, the time period, location, events, etc. are generically set up and individual “scenes” are created. Some people draw illustrations of these scenes, some create audio drama scripts and voice-act as voice actors, some take photos in a near-future style, etc. Fan art recreates these scenes from all angles. The goal is to have countless generatively created “scenes” set up as side stories for all 2,222 characters. Generative Story” is the content creation of the Web3 era that transcends the boundaries between management, fans, creators, etc., and is created together.

Neo Tokyo Punks Discord

NameNeo Tokyo Punks
Mint DateMar 2022
Mint Price0.05ETH
Total Number2,222
Official Site