Murakami.Flowers designed by renowned NFT artist Takashi Murakami

What is Murakami.Flowers?

Murakami.Flowers(M.F) is the NFT project of contemporary artist Takashi Murakami, who became famous in the NFT industry for his involvement in the creation of Clone X. Many people are familiar with Clone X and Mr. Murakami, but many do not know what kind of NFT project Murakami.Flowers is and what his thoughts were behind its creation.

M.F is Takashi Murakami’s signature artwork, flowers expressed as dots reminiscent of old Japanese video games.

The work is based on the cultural concept of Superflat (an aesthetic idea of social construction by losers), a theory that Takashi Murakami has proposed. Superflat is a concept created based on the defeat of the Pacific War, which is why M.F. also gives a Japanese feel to it.

In M.F, the number “108” is a keyword. In Buddhism, each human being is said to have 108 worldly desires. The total number is 11,664: 108 background images and flower color combinations × 108 flower images = 11,664.

M.F is an attempt to create a worldview that connects the world of contemporary art with the new world of NFT art and digital art and is designed to be made 100 or 200 years into the future, with a mechanism that will start working after Takashi Murakami’s death.

Why did Takashi create NFT?

Takashi Murakami is a contemporary artist born in Tokyo. He learned Japanese painting at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music before moving to New York to pursue his interest in Western contemporary art.

He creates his works with the motto that the value of his works will live on even after his death. He entered the world of NFT from contemporary art when he saw the metaverse in Animal Crossing.

My awakening to the metaverse happened in the summer of 2020, the first year of the pandemic, when I saw the way my children interact with “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” One day they were watching some fireworks display within the game while talking on Zoom with their school friends, whom they could no longer meet in person, admiring wholeheartedly how beautiful it was. I saw the reality of the shifting values when I realized that these children could discern beauty within a small video game screen.

Murakami.Flowers official site

At that time, the digital fashion NFT brand RTFKT offered to collaborate with him to create each part of Clone X, which has grown its popularity around the world. After the great success of Clone X, he released his own collection, Murakami.Flowers, and has been active in creating NFT.

Murakami Lucky Cat Coin Bank

Murakami.Flowers holders have given the Murakami Lucky Cat Coin Bank of the new NFT collection.

This is an image of a Lucky Cat. The left paw beckons people and the right paw beckons money. This time, the cat is holding up the left paw to wave people in. Apparently, to gather people means to summon good luck. Please stay tuned to find out what kind of story will develop from the coin bank in the shape of a Lucky Cat.

Murakami Lucky Cat Coin Bank OpenSea

Mind map representing M.F’s worldview

The mind map, which is not the specific plan of the roadmap, shows M.F’s plan. The mind map explains the vision above of M.F. and the process that led to its creation. In the future, Murakami.Flowers plans to release portable games equipped with LCD monitors and develop online and digital games. In addition to the digital world, they will also expand events such as exhibitions in the real world.

NameMurakami.Flowers Official
ArtistTakeshi Murakami
Mint DateApr 2022
Mint PricePublicSale : 0.108 ETH
Total Number11,664
Official Site