MEGAMI|Generative NFT, the illustrator who designed the Pokémon cards

What is MEGAMI?

MEGAMI is a generative NFT with a total of 10,000 pieces created by famous illustrator Naoki Saito, who also created the illustrations for the Pokémon cards. The NFTs represent cute girl characters with unique traits.

While the generative NFT collections generally reveal their designs after purchase, MEGAMI revealed all of the NFT designs prior to sale and made it possible to purchase the design of their choice.

The MEGAMI sale was a Dutch auction, with different starting prices depending on the rarity, with prices down to 0.08 ETH.

All sold out at the private sale and over 1,000 ETH was achieved.

MEGAMI is the third NFT collection by Naoki Saito. Here are his other collections and an overview of each.

GESTURES – First NFT Collection

GESTURES is Naoki Saito’s commemorative first NFT collection, with a total of six pieces. The NFTs feature multiple gestures with different girls. His first NFT GESTURES01 sold at auction on Foundation, an NFT marketplace, for about $5,0000.

BRILLIANT – Second NFT Collection

The second NFT collection, BRILLIANT, also has only six pieces. The designs are brilliant and gorgeous. “Remember the color of yourself” in the collection sold for 25 ETH, the highest bid for any NFT sold by Naoki Saito.

MEGAMI – Third NFT Collection

While the first and second of Naoki Saito’s NFT collections are expensive and hard to buy, his third, MEGAMI, is a generative collection of 10,000 pieces, which means that many people can afford to buy one.

Tell me about the illustrator Naoki Saito

Naoki Saito is a very popular illustrator who has created illustrations for Pokémon cards and Duel Masters, and has 1 million registered YouTube subscribers and 400,000 Twitter followers.

He shares useful techniques and ideas for illustrators on YouTube, and is popular with many other artists, not just collectors.

Why hold a MEGAMI NFT?

MEGAMI has three concepts of creator support called MEGAMIX.

1,Creator Alliance

Network with top creators. Everyone works together to create great works that cannot be created by one person. The power of Crypto enables a free environment for creators, great discretion, and just rewards. MEGAMI supports and connects creators and continues to create “the next”.

2,MEGAMI Standard Works

Top-class quality work by top creators. The new standard of MEGAMI quality. Not just NFT. Not just selling. A wide variety of ways of expression and delivery. Taking Web3 creativity to the next stage.

3,meta MEGAMI

A group of works of overwhelming quality. Extensive NFT holder rights. Facilitation of secondary productions. Expansion of the MEGAMI world. And extension to the world outside of MEGAMI.
>> MEGAMI Art License

More detail about MAGAMIX : MEGAMI Public Documents

Mint DateJul 2022
Mint PriceDutch Auction
Total Number100,000
Official Site