Love Addicted Girls is Japan’s leading “Kawaii” NFT collection

What is Love Addicted Girls?

Love Addicted Girls(LAG) is Japan’s leading “Kawaii” NFT collection to date, created by the SoudanNFT community. *”kawaii” means “cute”.

The attractive girls’ designs symbolize Japan’s 2-D anime culture (otaku culture). 4,000 pieces were sold for 0.05 ETH in February 2022 and were so popular that they sold out immediately.

LAG is a generative artwork consisting of four parts: face, hair, clothes, and background, and by combining the various parts of the four parts, it is a unique NFT with no two pieces alike. About 20 pieces (0.5%) out of 4,000 pieces are called Mystic, which are very rare and are collaborated NFTs with the following famous creators.

As the name Love Addicted Girls suggests, the main characters are girls who are in love right now. Some girls are a little sexy and look like they are flirting with someone they are interested in.

There are pure types, devilish types, tattooed badass types, and more, so you will have a lot of fun choosing. LAG is focused on community, and the holders receive perks such as airdropping and a white list of new projects.

SoudanNFT community

The SoudanNFT which created Love Addicted Girls is one of the largest NFT communities in Japan.

Although the quality of Japanese creators is high, Japan lags behind the world in NFT…. SoudanNFT supports Japanese NFT creators in their global activities. They are working to “make Japanese NFT projects competitive globally.”

Why hold a Love Addicted Girls NFT?

There are plans to issue tokens and many collaborations in the future, so the holders will receive long-term benefits. It is also possible for them to participate in holder-only channels.

The SoudanNFT community includes many creators, and there will be a whitelist of newly issued NFTs and airdrops. Not only digital art but also tangible goods exclusive to the holder will be announced.

NameLove Addicted Girls with BIGLOVE
Mint DateFeb 2022
Mint Price0.05ETH
Total Number4,000
Official Site