KUMALEON | Generative art that indicates a endless power of expression


KUMALEON is a generative NFT collection whose design changes with each reloads.

KUMALEON NFT is a 3D generative art of an adorable bear. In September 2022, 3,000 NFTs were free minted, and the world ranking for 24-hour trading volume on OpenSea was the 7th highest in the world. Royalties from secondary sales are the source of revenue for the management team.

It symbolizes the infinite potential of expression, like a chameleon. By projecting your own identity onto the Kumaleon NFT, you can become who you want to be and enjoy your online identity.

How to play KUMALEON

KUMALEON NFT can change its colors like a chameleon. You can combine other Ethereum NFTs to create your own design.

By entering the contract address and token ID of the NFT you hold, the design of KUMALEON will change according to the NFT.

KUMALEON is built on two different token types. New KUMALEON designs can be fabricated by replacing the base design. This NFT is perfect for those who want to express themselves freely with no restrictions.

Why KUMALEON? – explained in 5 parts

It goes deeper than “just a cute NFT of a bear”.

1, METAFLAT Inspired by

@takashipom‘s concept of Superflat – 2D mediums like anime/manga being able to express and represent IRL things – and advances in the latest tech, Metaflat symbolizes the transdimensional flatness of human identity in an anon, digital world.

2, 3D Canvas and Generative Art

KUMALEON NFTs overlay Generative Art on top of the 3D model of the bear. Because the source code is public, it spurs the creativity of gen artists and challenges them in unconventional ways.

3, Composability

The central message “you can be anything you want” refers to generative art’s infinite expressiveness, much like a chameleon. ERC998 enables (dis)assembly of the NFT. By overlaying your own unique NFT, the freedom to express oneself is truly unlocked.

4, Okazz the Artist

With no formal background in programming or art, @okazz_ started his journey at age 25. Influenced by anime/manga, his style focuses on the cool & the cute. Gen art connects him to the world. He plans to pursue his passion long-term.

5, Our Goals

It’s our hope that KUMALEON helps everyone find joy in gen art, maybe even find inspiration to create some like @okazz_ did. As the symbol of inclusivity in identity and creative output, KUMALEON will usher in a new Metaflat era to this space.

@KUMALEON_ Twitter

Artist, Okazz

OKAZZ (@okazz_), the artist who created KUMALEON, is a creative coder. Since the age of 25, he has been searching for a way to fuse programming and art, and came across generative art.

He has produced many works before releasing the KUMALEON collection, including one that sold for 3.7 ETH. His works are full of originality, reflecting influences from anime and manga in his artwork.

Mint DateSep 2022
Mint PriceFree Mint
Total Number3,000
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