Generativemasks | NFT that keeps changing its looks every moment

What is Generativemasks?

Generativemasks is a generative art NFT created by creative coder Shunsuke Takawo. It has the unique feature of automatically generating a mask with a different color scheme each time it is reloaded.

Generativemasks are generated graphically by code, resulting in 10,000 diverse masks, which went on sale in August 2021, sold out immediately, and became a hot topic.

The design of the masks is symmetrical and incorporates elements that make the masks feel as if they have life in them.

When you look at the Generativemasks listed in the Open Sea, some designs seem worn by some indigenous people; some have a Japanese feel, and some have a Western impression… there are many ways to perceive them, depending on the person.

The designs change each time you look at them, so they give you a refreshing feeling, and you may even find accidental discoveries. NFT as PFP is currently in vogue, but this NFT appeals to those interested in art.

One year after the launch, in August 2022, an airdrop of the 3D mask was made available to holders of Generativemasks NFT. You can purchase them at OpenSea.

Generativemasks OpenSea

3D Generativemasks OpenSea

Three features of Generativemasks

1. Profits from NFT sales are donated

Generativemasks is a donation-based NFT project, with proceeds going to companies and foundations related to coding and generative art. In the future, they will be shifting from supporting foundations to supporting generative artists.

2. Priority to the community

Many events are held on an ongoing basis to promote the community, and profits from Generativemasks are used to financially support artists who contribute their work to the community, as well as to reward members for their contributions to the community. It is a perfect community for artists and graphic designers.

3. Production of physical goods

A physical mask will be produced in the future.

Learn more about the artist Takawo

Shunsuke Takawo, the creator of Generativemasks, was born in Kumamoto, Japan. He does creative coding as part of his daily routine. Creative coding refers to using programs to create animation, sound, etc.

Shunsuke Takawo is an advocate of “Daily Coding” and practices a style of coding that is part of his life, like making miso soup for breakfast, rather than coding for results. He says that daily coding allows him to create rich expressions that are uniquely his own.

He is on Twitter to share his daily coding. You can see the real activities of Shunsuke Takawo (@takawo).

Mint DateAug 2021
Mint Price0.1ETH
Total Number10,000
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