Flower Lolita | Cute girls with big eyes

What is Flower Lolita?

The Flower Lolita NFT collection features girls with big eyes. It is a generative art of 6,666 pieces with 289 parts, combining various kinds of flowers and cute girls.

This unique NFT is full of originality, with a design that adds the essence of contemporary art to the characters that is uniquely Japanese. Each design is different, and all are hand-drawn.

Through airdrops and events, the holders can enjoy it for a long time. They are looking to expand into the Metaverse in the future, creating 3D avatars and allowing community members to communicate in the Metaverse.

An event was also held in Shibuya and a catchy original song was released. Compared to other projects, Flower Lolita has many enthusiastic holders, partly because it has a strong unique concept of the world.

It is an NFT project that will likely be sustained and developed in the long term because of its management AND because community members are working together to create the world of Flower Lolita.

Co-founders are influential athletes in Japan

Members manage the project with expertise in NFT and blockchain. Most notably, the project is funded by football player Keisuke Honda. He is one of Japan’s most famous athletes, having played for AC Milan in Italy.

Flower Lolita has a vision of becoming a world-class project, with the management and community members working together.

The future plans for Flower Lolita

As for the upcoming

  • Release of 1222 META LOLITA
  • Blockchain games
  • Token development
  • Establishment of a space in the Metaverse space

This is a very exciting roadmap and a long term NFT project.

About Chibi Lolita in the Second Collection

Chibi Lolita comprises 284 parts in a total of 12,222 pieces of generative art. Flower Lolita holders minted the Chibi Lolita for free.

Chibi Lolita is an NFT for donation purposes, so all royalties generated from resale will be donated. It is a perfect collection for your first-time NFTs because the price is reasonable and you can also contribute to society as a donation.

NameFlower Lolita Collections
Mint DateMay 2022
Mint PricePublic Sale: 0.07 ETH
Total Number6,666
Official Site