CryptoNinja Partners – Leading NFT in Japan

What’s CryptoNinja Partners(CNP)?

The discussion on popular Japanese NFT collections is practically invalid without the mention of CryptoNinja Partners, created based on the CryptoNinja NFT collection.

Here are some examples of the CryptoNinja NFTs. CryptoNinja is announced to be limited to 50 pieces, each hand-painted by Rii2, a famous artist, and all are unique. The floor price at the time of writing is 29 ETH. That’s a super high price.

You will see that the ninjas have cute characters attached to them. These sub-characters are CryptoNinja Partners (CNP). CNP has a total of 22,222 pieces, categorized into four types.

  • Janome’s partner: Orochi the white snake
  • Hayate’s partner: Narukami the hawk
  • Xiaolan’s partner: LeeLee the panda
  • Seori’s partner: Mitama the ghost
  • Luna(new character)

The CNP is generative NFT collection in which they are the main characters. 22,222 NFTs were released on May 15, 2022, with an initial selling price of 0.001 ETH.

The price soared to more than 0.4 ETH within three months of the release. The price has increased more than 400 times, making it the leading NFT project in Japan.

In contrast to the recent cooling of the crypto market, CNP has had steady growth since its launch. NFT traders throughout the world, sensing the excitement, seem to be getting in on the action.

Since CNP was launched after the community matured, many community members who are not just in it to make money have become holders. A large number of long-term holders is likely to be a factor in supporting the price.

The fact that Japan’s most famous crypto-influencer, Hayato Ikeda, endorses CryptoNinja Partners is also a promising long-term project.

What’s Great about Crypto Ninja Partners?

One of the attracting points that many CNP holders find is the ability to participate deeply in NinjaDAO. DAOs are also known as self-sustaining decentralized organizations. It is a group of like minded people who come together and operate together without a central administrator.

Even before NinjaDAO launched CNP, community members were working autonomously like DAOs. But by becoming CNP holders, they become even more active and deeply committed to NinjaDAO.

The CNP was created for NinjaDAO to become a true DAO. The high sales volume of 22,222 pieces, and the price of $2 per piece, a price that anyone can afford, is probably due to the desire to make NinjaDAO a place where everyone can be a part.

Advantages of Owning a CNP

The official NinjaDAO website states that “CNP is a membership card to fully enjoy the advantages of NinjaDAO.”

The benefits of being a CNP holder:

  • Priority access to NinjaDAO events
  • Priority purchase rights to new NFTs that come out of NinjaDAO
  • Possibility to get something from new projects

and more.

As long as NinjaDAO continues, CNP holders will continually gain new experiences and value.

  • TV anime
  • Block Chain Game
  • Crypto Literacy Test
  • Metaverse Live
  • School Project
  • Ninja’s Picture Book
  • Web 3.0 Channel on YouTube

Many more projects are underway in addition to those listed above. More information can be found on the NinjaDAO Community in Discord.
NinjaDAO Discord

Various projects are underway, and new projects are being born one after another.

The Challenge of a True DAO

DAO is a buzzword, and you see the word DAO in various NFT projects. However, the reality is far from positive, and in the end, most of them left to the management. Members are just waiting for the management to take action in most DAOs.

On the other hand, NinjaDAO members themselves take action to increase the value of CNP. NinjaDAO’s characters have flexible commercial rights, so anyone can use any character they want.

Just as Bitcoin is a DAO for digital currency, NinjaDAO is a DAO for characters, where the members develop CryptoNinja and CNP.

DAOs are a new form of organization, and the legal framework is not yet in place, so there are still challenges for NinjaDAO to become a true DAO. One of the attractions for the CNP holders will be the opportunity to experience the process of NinjaDAO becoming even more of a DAO.

NameCryptoNinja Partners
Mint DateMay 15, 2022
Mint Price0.001ETH
Total Number22,222
Official Site
DiscordNinjaDAO discord