CNP Jobs | Generative fan art collection dominating Japanese NFT

What is CNP Jobs?

If anyone asks you about the most popular NFT collections in Japan right now, you would obviously come across CryptoNinja Partners(CNP). CNP Jobs is a concept of CNP characters doing various jobs.

CNPJ is a generative NFT created by Ujuuna with a total of 11,000 pieces. Its mint price was 0.001 ETH, but it became so popular that it temporarily had a floor price of as high as 0.4 ETH!

CNPJ has four characters.

  • Orochi the white snake
  • Narukami the hawk
  • Mitama the ghost
  • LeeLee the panda

The generative collection combines four characters with various jobs, allowing you to choose the design of the profession you want.

How was CNP Jobs created?

CNPJ is a fan-art of CNP, and CNP is also a CryptoNinja fan-art. So CNPJ is a third-generation NFT collection. It is a bit confusing, so I will explain how CNPJ was created with images below.

  • CryptoNinja are the origin of it all.
  • CNP is an NFT collection with the sub-characters of CryptoNinja as the main characters.
  • CNPJ is a CNP character with a profession.

The world of CryptoNinja is rapidly expanding through their fan-art projects.

Here is a brief introduction to the two collections on which CNPJ is based.

CryptoNinja – The Origin NFT Collection

It all started with CryptoNinja, an NFT collection produced by a well-known influencer Ikehaya (@IHayato), and creator Ritsu (@rii2_4).

CryptoNinja is an NFT collection limited to 50 pieces. It is costly because other related collections are all based on CryptoNinja. There are only a few pieces for sale, so even if you want to buy one, it may be well over your budget.

CryptoNinja OpenSea

CryptoNinja Partners – CNP

CNP is an NFT collection with the sub-characters of CryptoNinja.

22,222 NFTs were released on May 15, 2022, with an initial selling price of 0.001 ETH. Within 3 months of the release, the price soared to more than 0.4 ETH. The price has increased more than 400 times, making it the leading NFT project in Japan.

CryptoNinja Partners OpenSea

Creators, Ujuuna

Many people bought CNPJ because they wanted to support the creator, Ujuuna. This is because he is an outstanding person, who quit his full-time job and jumped into web3, creating NFTs. He decided to start CNPJ in order to make a living, and released CNPJ without any marketing, which few have the nerve to do and many people around him stopped doing it.

CNPJ is now underway with the support of the community members who are willing to support him. Ujuuna has created a four-frame comic about the story of how he sold CNPJ. The four-frame manga is also available at OpenSea as NFT.

NameCNP Jobs
Mint DateJul, 2022
Mint Price0.001ETH
Total Number11,000
Official Site
Twitter, Ujuuna