BOSOTOKYO | Sci-Fi NFT inspired by Boso-zoku


BOSO TOKYO project brings original avatars to the metaverse. The NFTs are designed by Hideki Tenjin, a famous illustrator who has created illustrations for Gundam, Star Wars, and other projects.

With 3,400 unique generative artworks, the body, face, clothes, accessories, and other parts are automatically and randomly generated by an algorithm, making it a one-of-a-kind NFT.

Existing NFT collections are overflowing with imitations of some cartoon characters, memes represented by dogs and goblins, and so on. To create a stir in such a current NFT world, a group of leading Japanese specialists gathered to create this collection.

Japanese biker gangs are known worldwide as BOSOZOKU. The fact that no well-known NFT project related to biker gangs can be found at present gives it a sense of originality, and it has the potential to become explosively popular.

Cool NFTs such as CloneX and Azuki are among the world’s top collections, and BOSO TOKYO has the potential to become such a world-class NFT collection.

Why hold a Boso Tokyo NFT?

BOSO TOKYO has three unique features.

1. 3D Avatars

The holders can also obtain high-quality 3D avatars in the metaverse. They can dress up like a bad guy in the metaverse and not worry about what people think of them.What cannot be expressed in the real world can be realized. This may be perfect for those who want to appear in the metaverse in the form of an evil-cool 3D avatar.

2. NFT Staking (Revving)

BOSO TOKYO NFT staking is called Revving, and it features a mechanism whereby stakers can earn various rewards. The staking feature of NFTs is expected to lead to lower selling pressure and lower price declines because of more long-term holdings.

3. Limitless IP rights

The holders can have IP rights and create and sell goods using the NFT’s design. Owning IP rights to the work of a leading Japanese designer is one of the appealing point of BOSO TOKYO. For example, the holders can use their BOSOTOKYO NFT designs to create and sell T-shirts and SNS stamps or use them as their store logo or character.

The team behind Boso Tokyo 

Professionals and well-known creators in the cryptocurrency industry have gathered to work on the project. The official website lists the names of more than 20 members, indicating that several people are involved in the project.

Hidetaka Tenjin – Main Designer

The principal designer, Mr. Hidetaka Tenjin(@TENJIN_hidetaka), has worked on designs related to many of Japan’s most famous works, including Macross, Gundam, Space Battleship Yamato 2205, and many more. Top level designers work on this project.

Mr. Afromance – Creative Director

The creative director is Mr. Afromans, CEO of an innovative company Afro & Co. He is known for launching Burning Japan, the Japanese region of Burning Man in Nevada, U.S.A., and hosting the first foam party in Tokyo, sparking the “awapa” popularity.

AKLO- Music Production

Rapper AKLO is involved in the production of BOSO TOKYO’s music and is a famous rapper whose debut album debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes charts and was used as MLB player Shohei Ohtani’s entrance song “Lost in Paradise feat. AKLO”.

TRILL DYNASTY – Music Production

TRILL DYNASTY is a composer and music producer whose albums have reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hip-hop/R&B charts.

ArtistHidetaka Tenjin
Mint DateAug 2022
Mint PricePublicSale : 0.4 ETH
Total Number3,400
Official Site