Aopanda Party|Generative NFT Collection of a Top-Trending TikTok Character

What is Aopanda Party?

Aopanda Party is a generative NFT collection of Aopanda, a much-beloved character with 650,000 followers on TikTok. 10,000 generative NFTs released on October 30, 2022.

The concept of Aopanda Party is that every day is a party.

Each Aopanda Party NFT piece has a unique design. If you use one of them as PFP, it will give you a positive feeling and help you positively spend your daily life.

10,000 pieces sold at the price of 0.001 ETH, hoping that the cute Ao Panda character will be available to as many people as possible.

Since the character has been spread abroad through TikTok and has become loved worldwide, PANDAO Discord has English and Korean language channels, besides Japanese.

About Chatactor, Aopanda

Ao Panda’s characters, “A-chan” and “O-chan,” share three main values on social media.

  • The Importance of Words
  • Positive Thinking
  • Good Manners

Their TikTok videos are uplifting and show how important to carefully choose the right words, which is essential for the age of the Internet and social media sites.

I especially recommend it for those who have young children like myself. I watched the Ao Panda video with my daughters and they were hooked to the video. The way Aopanda moves around rhythmically is just too cute.

The character is a long-term favorite, and the NFT, which exists permanently, is a perfect match and may be enjoyed by children even when they are adults.

Animator Ao Umino

Aopanda Party was created by popular animator AoUmino(@Devil_Kitties).

Ao Umino worked for a company and created her own animation before becoming a freelancer.

She has been involved in significant projects and has successfully won award races. She has also produced animation projects commissioned by the Japanese government.

In addition to Aopanda Party, she has created an NFT collection called Devil Kitties.

Devil Kitties has a small number of pieces and is currently difficult to buy.

NameAopanda Party
Mint Date30 Oct 2022
Mint Price0.001ETH
Total Number10,000
Official Site